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Gates2U Custom Pet and Baby Gates Home

Custom Pet and Safety gates

Click the arrow ">" to the right of the main photo below, for close-ups and photos of actual installations. View even more deck gate close-ups from our carpenters here.

Actual Customer Gates. Made in Maryland. No rare woods.

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Gates2U Cedar Custom Deck Gates

How to Measure

  • Custon Deck Gates sold Fully Assembled, or Kitted
  • Our sturdy exterior gate, with strong slats sinking deep into the hand and footrails. Use strap hinges to mount to 4x4 posts. You pick the size and slat spacing. Select grade cedar; ready for you to paint or stain or simply seal.
  • Slats are 1 1/2" wide, 3/4" deep. Handrails are 2 1/16" from front to back. Sides of gate are 2 1/8" from front to back.
  • Widths up to 65". Heights up to 42". Heights over 37" may significantly increase shipping costs due to UPS oversize fees.
  • Gates are fully cushioned and shipped by our carpenters directly to you via UPS Ground .Hardware must be bought by customer. Widely available at Home Depot and Lowes. Assembled gate prices start at $185. Kits at $120 In Stock. USD .
  • Assembled gates require only a drill and screwdriver for hanging. In contrast, DIY kits require drill, screwdriver, and a brad nailer (ideally pneumatic, use a hammer if no nailer available) for assembly. You may also wish to add a gate spring to the underside of your gate.
  • Finished gates and kits ship in 10 days, or get plans instantly.
  • Buying Just the Plans? You receive the plans, with measurements for cutting, and complete assembly instructions. You'll need a miter saw, and the tools for the kit. (Coming Soon!) Prices for all plans are under $10.

Sizing Your Deck Gate and How to Measure

The Opening. There should be no obstacles in the gate opening. Make sure there are no objects to hit when the gate swings. The opening's width at the top should be within 1/2" of the width at the bottom, or your gate will hang really funny because your gate posts are a bit tilted!

For a One Panel Gate. Order a gate 3/4" less wide than the opening, and make sure to measure where the opening is tightest. For the height, make sure you can clear the ground or floor by 1-2",and that your gate can fit under any post caps, if they exist.

For a Two panel Gate. Make sure that the width of the two panels, when added together, are 1" less wide than the opening. You need these tolerances for your hinges, for your panels to swing, and for any slight tilting that may occur in the gate posts over time.

Gate Height and Gate Sides. Take into account that the sides of the gate will be 1" longer than the height of the gate that you buy. Height is measured from the bottom of the footrail to top of the handrail.

Solid posts. Gates must hinge to a 4x4 post or to a similar structure that is well-anchored into the ground or deck. We recommend a 4x4 because the strap hinge needs a surface a few inches across for the base of the hinge.

For One Panel Gates:

Reading a Ruler

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Need guidance on child safety features? In general, air gaps should be under 3 inches. More information at Consumer Reports Buying Guide.

Measure at Multiple Locations Picking a Height

For Two Panel Gates:

Allow room for both panels to swing