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Design a Gate OpeningEnter your measurements in the rounded boxes below, overwriting the default values shown. The maximum width and height for this Deck gate is listed, in red type, just above the accompanying design graphic.

Your Deck gate needs to be hung between two 4x4s. What is the distance between the two posts?

Enter the width to the nearest eighth or sixteenth of an inch by overwriting the entry above. So, for example, if your opening is 30 5/8 inches, enter 30 5/8 or 30.625

How tall do you want your gate?

OK! Now we're getting closer...

You want a Deck gate and it's going between two 4x4 posts. You will buy your own strap hinges and latch. Hardware is available in chrome and powder black finishes at major hardware stores. Place your strap hinges top and bottom and screw to post; latch to the other post. Two panel deck gates for wide areas will use four hinges and latch in the middle.

For opening widths of 22 to 65 inches and heights between 22 to 40 inches.

Where you can install


Click any picture below to see it more clearly! This page covers nearly all situations: doorways, stairs, hallways, and between posts. Scroll down to view more about hardware latches and view our video here. To install our hinged gates, a level or plumb line is helpful to ensure your gate hangs straight. We provide small blocks to place under the gate to help you lift it off the ground, while you mount the gate. Have a drill and screwdriver handy for the hinges and latch! Removable Snaptight gates, in contrast, require that you simply install a small brass cup (literally a ball catch) in your doorframe using a pin nail, and folding gates simply sit on the floor!

Between two posts

Mosts posts will work, but they must have square areas top and bottom to which to hinge a gate. Those hinge points must be vertically aligned - the top hinge needs to be directly above the bottom hinge so your gate hangs straight!

In a Wood Doorframe

With doorframes, we make our gates a bit less deep. THe sides are only 1 5/8" from front to back. So, they can go in any doorframe that has 1 1/2" of flat space all around. There can NOT be a door in the doorframe! And, baseboard in doorframes can cause problems if over 2" tall.

Between Walls

We will give you a wall plank to install on either side of the gate, since you cannot hinge or latch to drywall! The wall planks have holes in them, and you must anchor them to the wall with long screws. Screws absolutely must go into a stud behind the wall. Without studs, your gate will not be supported.

Between a Wall and Post

This is common on stairs. Normally, folks use one wall plank and anchor it into a stud. Then, they hinge to the plank, and latch to the post or underside of handrail. You have to measure the opening where it is tightest, above any baseboard. Which means posts with odd profiles can cause problems. Send us a picture if you have questions!

At the Tops of Steps

It's really critical that you face the hinge pins towards the upper landing. That way, you'll push the gate towards the landing as you go up the steps. Gates swinging over steps are a safety no-no! And you can put a little doorstop on the post with the latch, to ensure the gate can't swing out even if pushed to the point of breaking.

Freestanding Folding Gates

These gates sit on the floor. When you bend them, they span less of a distance from one side to the other. So, for example, if you want to span 40 inches, get a gate around 44 inches from one side to the other, so you can bend each side in a little!

Deck Gates

You must have a 4x4 post to hinge to. Otherwise you won't have a sturdy enough nor wide enough surface to hinge to! You cannot hinge to siding on a building, or to a 2x2 post.

Wide openings

Two panel gates can span openings from 36 to 65 inches wide. Normally, each panel is the same size, but exceptions (as shown) can be made. The latch for two panel gates goes where the gates come together in the middle. For mission gates, it is a double ended snap bolt latch. For Classic gates it is a surface bolt.

Gate Hinges

There are two hinges per gate panel (except for tall gates, which get three). The hinge pin faces the direction you want the gate to swing towards.

Latches for Most Gates

We provide a trigger snap and catch for one panel Classic, Mission, Cat Escape, and Beadboard gates. It is not child-proof rated, but uses the same mechanism as most such latches. For extra safety, mount it on the back side of the gate away from children. It is helpful to spritz it with a little graphite lubricant every year.

Latches for Two Panel Classic and all Tall Gates

A trigger snap is provided for most gates, except for the 2-panel Classic style and Tall style which uses a pre-installed surface bolt.

Latches for Two Panel Mission Gates

This hardware is installed by you, but a typical installation is shown.

Deck Gate Hardware

There are two strap hinges per gate panel (that you buy - not provided in order). The strap faces the direction you want the gate to swing towards. Most big box gate hardware packs come with a latch or hasp included. (Shown here on a stained deck gate).

Tall Gates

Hinged with 3 hinges and latches with a surface bolt. Door can NOT be present with tall gate. Heights up to 54". Widths limited to 33".

Snaptight Gates

Cut exactly to fit your doorframe top and bottom. You install the brass cups (we provide) in doorframe. Slides and snaps tight into doorframe. Doorframe MUST have a raised bump (doorstop) in the doorframe for gate to push against to thwart pushing animals. NOT FOR USE WITH CHILDREN unless you add additional latch to prevent removal.

Z fold Gates

Three panels, bendable by use of long 30 inch piano hinges between pianos. Not for animals that jump and push on a gate. Can topple too easily if pushed nearer the handrail.

Where to Install

Deck Gates:. Deck gates must hinge to a 4x4 post. You must be about to mount the base of a strap hinge to the post. You can NOT use butt hinges (two plates that touch when the gate is closed). Strap hinges prevent gate sag, and distribute the load across the handrail.


Doorframes. Wood door frames are great, as long as there is no door present. The frame must have 1 1/2" of flat space available where the gate will hang.

Wall Mount. You can also attach wood planks (we provide) to your drywall or paneling, and hinge to the plank (and latch to the one on the other side). But, there MUST be a stud behind the drywall, to which the wall plank(s) are anchored.

Posts. You can install gates between posts (to which you can hinge). So, there must be flat areas on the posts for hinges, and those hinges have to line up vertically.

Requirements. Gates must be mounted at a right angle to the wall or doorframe or post. They can not hang 'on a diagonal'. You can NOT hinge directly to drywall. Gates are too heavy for compression mount. You can not 'turn a corner' with a two panel gates. Two panel gates must hang in a straight line.

Learn More about LatchesOur latches are intended to defeat little hands but are not rated as child proof. They use a thumb clasp for locking. You can augment with a doorstop, to prevent a gate opening over stairs. You can also add a surface bolt or hasp for extra safety. View our latch video.

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