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Custom Pet and Safety gates

View ALL of our styles on this page - we show 8-10 pictures at a time for each style, starting with our popular Mission gates. Click 'View More' to advance through all the photos. Wants to see just one style? Click these links: Mission Gallery, Classic Gallery, Cat Escape Gallery, Beadboard Gallery, Deck Gate Gallery, Folding Gate Gallery, SnapTight Doorway Gate Page, and Tall Gate Gallery.

Actual Customer Gates. Made in Maryland. No rare woods.

Photos of our Unique Gate Features

Hinged gate

Gate Hinges

There are two hinges per gate panel (except for tall gates, which get three). The hinge pin faces the direction you want the gate to swing towards.
Latches for our Pet and Baby Gates

Latches for Most Gates

We provide a trigger snap and catch. It is not child-proof rated, but uses the same mechanism as most such latches. For extra safety, mount it on the back side of the gate away from children. It is helpful to spritz it with a little graphite lubricant every year.
Surface Bolt Latches

Latches for Classic and Tall Gates

A trigger snap is provided for most gates, except for the Classic style which uses a pre-installed surface bolt.
Latches for Two Panel Hinged Gates

Latches for Two Panel Mission Gates

This hardware is installed by you, but a typical installation is shown.
Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Completely in Greensboro Maryland.
Receive a Design Proof and Color Proof with Every Gate

Designs and Proofs with Every Gate

Get your design before you buy. We also take color proofs as we build our gates to ensure you get the color you requested.
We Ship UPS

Shipping Gates to Customers Nationwide

Since 2003, we haved served the USA and Canada. Shipping overseas is, regrettably, not cost effective for our customers.
Gates2U Gate Plans for the DIY-er

Our Plans are customer tested

We have sold our Mission Gate plans at the Amazon Store as both books and Kindle e-books. Our plans are user tested!