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Kits with Pre-cut Parts


Click any picture below to see it more clearly! Currently, for interior gates, only the MISSION style is sold as a kit. Gate kits are ideal for contractors or for Do-it-yourselfers with previous experience in basic woodwork, such as installing molding or assembling cabinetry. Each kit has the parts for the gate designed by you on our Design Your Gate page. Your kit is customized just for you! If you buy a kit, you should have access to a drill, screwdriver, and 18G brad gun. We recommend a pneumatic bradder, but an electric one is sufficient. Must have capacity to use 5/8", 1" and 1 1/4" brads. Kits contain all parts, all hardware, complete instructions. You provide any finishing materials and tools, such as sandpaper, stain, and sanders. Save yourself a lot of time and get your gate parts finished in one of 31 stain choices, and pre-sealed in polyurethane (indoor gates only). Kits are not available pre-painted because the assembly process itself would mar the paint during construction.

Packed and Clearly Labelled

Parts are cut, sanded, and cushioned in bubble wrap. Like parts, such as spindles, are wrapped together. Brads and screws needed for assembly are in a hardware pouch. Latch and hinges provided for interior gates only. You provide wood glue (optional for reinforcement). The gate comes with an installation manual.

Many illustrations for Assembly

When your gate ships, you will receive a PERSONALIZED online manual, tailored to your specific design. It will tell you what is in your kit, and include diagrams unique to your gate, plus plenty of construction photos. A printed manual will be in the box. Your manual has numerous illustrations showing how to lay out the parts, and build up the gate from the front to back.

Installation Instructions Included

We include all instructions for hanging your gate, plus additional safety tips for using a gate around the elderly or smaller children or pets. We include important instructions for best safety practices for gates at top of stairs.

Finishing it Yourself?

We also provide information on the best way to finish your gate (for interior styles), to include wood conditioning, staining or painting, and sealant coats. We recommend that you finish the parts before assembly.

Hardware Included (Interior Gates Only)

Interior gate kits come with a trigger snap (for one panel gates), a surface bolt (for two panel classic gates), or a double ended snap bolt latch (for all other two panel gate types). Deck gate kits come with NO hardware, but recommendations are provided for hardware available at your local big box store. For deck gates, we recommend strap hinges be procured that are at least 20% the width of your deck gate, to ensure proper support.

Instructions Reusable for other gates

Once you gain the knowledge from assembling your first gate, future gates will go much faster! And you can always reuse the instructions. Order parts from us, or pull out your miter and table saw, and cut parts yourself!

Many finishes available (Interior Gates)

Parts are available as unfinished, stained, or stained with white spindles or slats. Kits cannot ship pre-painted, because the assembly process requires excessive handling of the hand and footrails, which would mar the recently painted finish. More...

Quick Delivery

We ship UPS nationwide and to Canada. Current turn-around times (under 2 weeks) are shown on our Design Your Gate page. You need to start there to design the gate, and then you can procure the kit at the end of the design process.

Where to Install

Deck Gates:. Deck gates must hinge to a 4x4 post. You must be about to mount the base of a strap hinge to the post. You can NOT use butt hinges (two plates that touch when the gate is closed). Strap hinges prevent gate sag, and distribute the load across the handrail.


Doorframes. Wood door frames are great, as long as there is no door present. The frame must have 1 1/2" of flat space available where the gate will hang.

Wall Mount. You can also attach wood planks (we provide) to your drywall or paneling, and hinge to the plank (and latch to the one on the other side). But, there MUST be a stud behind the drywall, to which the wall plank(s) are anchored.

Posts. You can install gates between posts (to which you can hinge). So, there must be flat areas on the posts for hinges, and those hinges have to line up vertically.

Requirements. Gates must be mounted at a right angle to the wall or doorframe or post. They can not hang 'on a diagonal'. You can NOT hinge directly to drywall. Gates are too heavy for compression mount. You can not 'turn a corner' with a two panel gates. Two panel gates must hang in a straight line.

Learn More about LatchesOur latches are intended to defeat little hands but are not rated as child proof. They use a thumb clasp for locking. You can augment with a doorstop, to prevent a gate opening over stairs. You can also add a surface bolt or hasp for extra safety. View our latch video.

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Shipping Information

Products ship UPS GROUND. Stained gates/kits ship within 14 days after payment. Unfinished gates, deck gates, and all kits ship within 10 days. If you revise your design within 36 hours after ordering (which any customer can do), your delivery time may extend a day. Plans are downloaded by you after payment. We do not ship AIR. We can not ship to PO Boxes. In most cases, a signature will be required for delivery addresses NOT matching the billing address, or if we are shipping to an area with extreme weather (so you're there to bring it inside).

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